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Dental Implants


This is an artificial tooth that is anchored to the jaw bone to replace a missing tooth.  Most patients need two surgical procedures to install the implant.  The first procedure is where the actual implant is anchored to the jaw bone.  A temporary denture may be worn for a few months while the anchors bond with the jawbone and the gums and bone heal. Depending upon the condition of the mouth, bone grafting or guided tissue regeneration may also be necessary to install the anchors and posts.


Dentures Over Implants


These procedures range from 3 - 4 weeks.  The first visit consists of taking impressions, selecting the teeth color and the exam.  The second visit will be trying in the framework (the wax) to find out how the denture feels and fits you.

  The third visit will have the teeth in place for you to see if the dentures are esthetically pleasing. The forth visit is the delivery of the denture or partial (you get to take them home).  Lastly there are post op visits that we suggest you come in for in case there are any sore spots created by the new denture or partial.  




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